Friday, November 27, 2009

You don't need passion

What is the passion of your life? What is the one thing you love to do more than anything else?

How to find your passion

I think if you need to read a guide on how to find your passion, then you don't really have one in the first place. True passion comes from your stomach, not your brain. That's because you need to hunger for it. True passion comes from within. Some the people won't admit what their passions are because they don't think it's appropriate. Some don't know how to make money out their passion. And that stops them right on their track.

The main point is that you should already know what your passion are or you don't have one. If you have a passion, then try to make money out of it. If you don't have any passion, adopt one that can potential earn you some money.

It takes more than passion to be successful in wealth creation getting rich is a long road. A long, arduous, and lonely road. If you want succeed in getting rich and in making it big in this world, then you will need more than passion.

You need persistence.

Everything begins with a want. What you want is what motivates you. Then you form a plan. The first plan that you form is going to be bad. At least it will get you started. Then you just have to keep on going. Whether you are stuck in a rut or you don't know what do, keep on going. Even if you think you are going to fail, keep on going. Even if the world ends tomorrow, never give up.

It takes skills and competencies

Knowing is half the battle. You probably heard about this a lot. But do you know that planning is only 10% of the battle? The 40% of the battle involves learning new skills and gaining competencies.

I'm probably pointing out the obvious when I say that you will always start out without the majority of the skills that you need to finish achieve your endeavors. So learning is a major part of succeeding. You must learn and you must master what you have learned. If there is any passion that you need, that would be the passion for learning.

Yet, to say that you must have passion to learn is underestimating what you need to do. Not only do you need to learn the fun stuffs, you will need to learn all the boring stuffs as well. In the end, learning still boils down to your persistence.

Don't stop until you have reach the end

Whatever it is that you are going to do, you have to do it fast and in the most efficient way that you can possible think out. In addition, you need to stay focus on the task until it is completed.

Keep on going. Improvise when you don't have enough. Skip all the unnecessary stuff. Be objective oriented and do whatever it takes to achieve your objective. Don't stop until you have either completed your task or the task is no longer worth doing anymore.

For all the solo endeavors that you are going to partake in your life, the trick is to plan as you go along. Lots of improvising and lots of creativity gets the job done faster than logistic and planning. You’ll need to think fast on your two feet.

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