Thursday, November 26, 2009

Persisting in Your Life

Are you running out of stream? Do you feel like giving up? All hope’s gone?
Here’s an amazing 3-phases method to restart your motivation engine.

Persistence is important. You and I know that whatever the situation is, you must persist. There is no turning back. Once the plan is set, all that’s left is execution.

However, once in a while, our motivation stops dead on the track. No matter what we try, we can seem to get back into the mode of pursuing what we need to achieve. We feel hopeless. We don’t want to wake up from our bed and couches. We became lost. We had forgotten our promises.

So, now you are in a rut. How do you get out of it? Here’s how:

Phase 1: Know your plan

Ask yourself these questions:
• What was my plan again?
• Is it a good plan?
• Is it the best plan that I can think of?

The primary problem with motivation is that you are having doubts regarding what you are trying to achieve in your life. When we do not see any significant results showing up from our hard work, we began to have second thoughts. It never crosses our mind that what we are trying to achieve are actually harder that we thought.

Stick with the original plan

You probably will be tempted to revise your plan. You might want to downgrade the goals. You probably is looking to do something else right know. Well, don’t. The grass is always greener on the other side. Other people plans always look better on the face value.

Unless your original plan is obviously downright bad, chances are it is still the best plan that you have. At the time when you devise your plan, you would have invested a lot of research and analysis into it. Choosing another route would mean going back to the original planning phase and doing additional research. The chances are high that you will end up with choosing back the same plan. Be original; don't get caught up with other people's idea.

Clear out all internal thoughts

Once you know what your plan is, stop everything that you are currently doing. Pull all breaks. Don’t do anything for the next five minutes. Empty your mind. Mediate if you have to. Get up and do some warm-up.

Tabula rasa; it means clean state. That’s what you mind is suppose to be now. It’s like waking up after a long sleep. Your mind is clear and you are slowing gaining memory of your identity, your life, and your goals and dreams. It’s like be another people with no relation to your past self.

Phase 2: Revise what you have done so far

Ask yourself these questions:
• Are what I am currently doing contributing to my plans and goals
• Are what I am doing effective?
• How can I do better?


Okay, you are probably haven’t been staying focus the whole time. You have probably done a few things that defeat the goals and objective in your life. You probably adopted a few bad habits in the progress of executing your plans.

Don’t sweat about it. It’s normal for human being to be led astray from their goals and belief. The more important thing is to make the correction once you realize that you are wrong.


If you were not giving your best before, decide now and here to do so. List out your errors and forgive yourself. Analyze your mistakes and set the appropriate corrective actions. Do what is required or necessary to get yourself back into your plan. Set more stringent goals and impose more discipline to your life.

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself to make the necessary change. Changing is your ways of seeking forgiveness for your past sloth. Believe in change. Yes, you can!

Phase 3: Apply secret sauce of persistence

Ask yourself these questions:
• Do I deserve the best effort that I can give to myself?
• Do I have any valid reason to be lazy?
• Do I demand the best from myself?

Secret sauce ingredient #1: Don't care whether you succeed or fail

Once all decisions have been made and your plan has been finalized, it is time to get down dirty. Put faith in the decision that you make and the ability that you have. Stood up for what you believe in.

Enough with all the small talks. When it comes to execution there is only simple numero uno rule: Execute your best plan without caring whether you will succeed or fail. Throw whatever premature judgement that you have regarding your chances of succeeding. Regardless of how small the chances are, regardless of how impossible goal is, regardless of what other people’s opinions are, execute your plan.

Even if the world ends tomorrow, live your life to the fullest today.

It’s called the human struggle. To be human is to struggle and give your best. To be human meant not giving up. It’s in our gene. As human beings, it’s in our genes for us to give our best to ourselves, to the betterment of mankind, and to the universe. To be human means to break the boundary of what you can theoretically achieve.

Secret Sauce Ingredient #2: Don’t care whether the situation is too early or too Late

The truth about life is that there is never a correct time to do what you want to achieve. It’s either too early or too late or some other reason. Usually it’s too late. This is why you don’t want to do it.
Look, life is not a race. At least it is not strictly a competitive winner-takes-all race. It’s more like sandbox where your only concern is to improve yourself at your own pace. Therefore, it’s never too late. If the thing that you need to do is important, then it’s never too late.
If you think that it’s too late, then consider doing it before the situation gets worse. Even if you don’t gain as much as the early adopters, you still get what you need. And what you get if more important that what you did not get.

Secret Sauce Ingredient #3: Be hungry, be Very hungry

If you have a plan, then you have to want to execute it. You want to work hard to achieve the goals that you set out to in the first place. This desire is your hunger for success. It is not just enough to want something; you need to want it badly.

You know what gets you up in the morning?

You know what makes you work for butt day in, day out, all year long?

You know what difference make the differences?

There is no logic or thinking involved in the persistent execution of a solid plan. There is only hunger. If you can’t be obsesses with success, then you might as well just forget about it.

Secret Sauce Ingredient #4: Live a Busy life

If it can be done today, don't leave it until tomorrow. Load every moment of your life with something to do. Load your schedule full of tasks to do.

Believe yourself to be a busy person. Act busy all the time. Don’t give yourself anytime to doubt and worry. Don’t hem and haw over your failures. If you failed, then get over it promptly. Scurry on with your next task.

Keep on going even if you are tired. Get used to being tired and being busy all the time. Believe that you purpose in life (and your only purpose) is to work hard. Even if you end up waking like a zombie all the time and drink buck loads of coffee per day, do it. The only thing that is going to stop you from working hard is death. Even then, death is not going to reap your soul without a fight.

Secret sauce ingredient #5: Bad things will happen if you don’t work hard

This last ingredient is a personal belief of me, a belief that needs no proof nor demands any further explanation. Just like your superstitious belief that you will get bad luck if you walk under a ladder, I have this superstition that bad things will happen if you ever allow yourself to be lazy.

Maybe god is watching me; maybe there’s a boogieman around the corner that is going to get to me; may the wheel of karma is at work; regardless, if I were to snooze, bad things will happen to me.

So what is the bad thing that I am talking about? Well, I can’t tell you for sure, but I can guarantee you that it is going to very bad. So bad, that you will not like it. So bad that you would rather choose to try and fail rather than face this bad thing.


We have almost reached the end of this article. The main points of persistence are to know what you want, correct your actions as needed, and apply the three beliefs and two methods of the “secret sauce”. Demand the best from yourself because you want and need it. Live your life to the fullest and at least you will be a tad happier.

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