Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Purpose of Life: One Size Fits All Answer

“Begin at the beginning. Go until the end and then stop.”

So where is the beginning? Obviously, the beginning starts at you yourself. If so, which part? The purpose, of course. All actions start with an intent (or a reaction). All intents come from desires. Then, where does our desire comes from? There are several of sources, actually. Below are some:
  • Lacking – What want what we lack.
  • Upbringing – What we are thought when we are small shapes our ambitions and dreams significantly.
  • Envy – We want to be better than other people.
  • Sustainability– We want things that would improve our live and ensure our longevity

Let me make it clear, the beginning of our action does not start from having a purpose. Our actions start from what we want. The better we are at understanding what our body and mind want, the better we can align our actions to our want.

So, why is the title of this article is about purpose then? Where does purpose fits into our life? Am I saying that your desire matters more than your purpose in life does not matter?


Okay, here’s the one size fits all answer to the purpose of life, the question of why you exist in this world. There is no purpose. Specifically, there is no pre-defined purpose for you to exist in this world. Your existent may as well be a coincidence.

Let me tell you this. Until the day you die, God (or saintly representatives of God) will not talk to you. The is no divine being that is going to tell you what you should or have to do in this world. The only people who will tell you about what you need to do or have to do are other people who claim to have been made contact with God.

Now, I am not saying that I don’t believe in God. I just don’t believe that God will ever give me a purpose in this life. Think about it, if God really wanted me to perform certain type of role in life, then God should have cometh to me at an earlier stage, preferable, during my adolescent years. But did God do that? Nope, nada, zit. Ergo, God have given me a free a reign.

So what is life anyway? What is the point of life anyway? An intermission to heaven? A dream? An endless drift of unfortunate events?

A vacation trip. Life is like a going to a vacation trip to somewhere where you don’t particularly like (like Thailand). You are stuck on this trip and you can’t just end it. However, even if you can’t do anything about it, you might as well enjoy it. You might as well sample the local cuisine, learn one or two things about the local culture, and visit some of the local attractions. The main thing is to learn to enjoy yourself rather than being stuck in the hotel room until the day you die check out.

So then, how am I supposed to know what I am supposed to do in this life? So what role am I going to be performing for the rest of my life? What great feats am I supposed to be capable of?

This isn’t a very hard question to answer. What you want to do in life depends a lot on your upbringing. Your life dreams and purpose can be trace back to your childhood. What inspires (or scars) you when you are a kid will define what you want to do with your life.

Still can decide on a purpose? No sweat, there are only three categories to choose from. Those categories are:
  • Making money – Being a filthy rich entrepreneur or business mogul.
  • Being famous – Being a artist that can sing, dance, act, paint, escape, joke or any a combination of those stated. 
  • Being intelligent – Being an expert in something and getting recognized by it. Don’t forget your PhD.

Okay, maybe it’s too late for you to plan ahead for your life dreams now.  Maybe you are too old or too tied up with obligations. Then your life dream might as well be being ordinary - having a family of 2.3 kids, a house, a car, a stable job, and enough money for retirement.

That’s it. There is no sin to be

ordinary. If you choose to be “ordinary”, then that’s all you need to think about. That’s all that you need to focus all your energy and time on.

Have fun with your life. Stay happy and stay focused. Peace out.

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